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5 Internet Access Networks - 5 Different Choices
Note: Network numbers are not interchangeable. You may only use the numbers
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Name. For example, is on Network G.

Network A

Our 2nd Largest Nationwide
Network. Up to 200 hours per
month. Over 2,900 Access
Points across America.

Network B

Our Medium Nationwide Network
Up to 50 hours per month.
Over 11,000 Access Points all with
v.92 access.

Network C

Now available in 22 states!
Unlimited plan is available for
only $12.99 per month.
Over 1,100 access points.

Network D

Our Medium Nationwide Network
Access points in many remote
areas and Canada. Maximum of
150 hours per month.

Network G

Our Newest and Largest Nationwide
Network. Up to Unlimited hours per
month. Over 7,000 Access Points
most with v.92 access.